Dura lex, sed lex. On J-P Fabra Guemberena

A world in which the light of reason has been extinguished and where animal passions have gained the upper hand, a world of terror and violence – that was a description of Hieronymos Bosch’s pictures. Violence reaches its pure form only through a collective effort, a war. Before the enemy, we are all equal; that is what a group of people benefits from violence and that they can not get through trade. Terror simply consiste in making death meaningful: Heidegger’s being-towards-death, Pascal’s the last act is bloody and Breivik’s political murders are different uses of death, different ways of attaching a meaning to it. If death is not deprived of meaning, what is? The world as suffering and boredom. 500 000 children died as a result of U.S. sanctions against Saddam. We think it was worth the price, Madeleine Albright said. Maybe a violencebased community is preferable to one based on trade.

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